About us

Our motto

Bridging the gap between developers and companies.


Our vision

To simplify the recruitment process while offering the market's richest pool of tech talent. 


Our mission

Tech Talent aims to improve the process of matching skilled & qualified employees (Talents) with employers (Companies). Traditional methods fall short of providing a curated, relevant and comprehensive list of potential talent to companies.

Naturally, recruiting new talent becomes a real pain for growing companies, especially SME’s & startups, which have no proper HR processes, manpower and access to talent. Even companies with established HR teams can benefit by streamlining the hiring process and acquiring access to a pre-curated pool of talent.

Having developed a highly curated procedure, Tech Talent addresses the need for end-to-end quality matchmaking. We provide a platform where tech companies can find the appropriate qualified tech talent to hire based mainly on their skillset. We strive to offer employers a personalized multi-tier service that corresponds to their needs.

At the same time individuals can register and list their skills in an innovative way, following our comprehensive methodology, so that employers can identify them in a more efficient manner. 

The idea

Tech Talent consists of a group of professionals that have gone through both the painful process of searching for a job as well as the quest to recruit the best candidates. The idea was born after a lot of companies approached us, seeking for high quality tech employees. The findings of a survey we ran in 2016 revealed that the skills of employees could not be easily matched with job positions and vice versa. In 2017, we decided to apply our idea for the Envolve Award (ex. Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award). And here we are, building a better future, line by line of code.