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Α FEW THINGS ABOUT ORFIUM Τhere are already more than enough music platforms out there, but they don't all serve the same purposes. In order for an independent artist to create revenue, platforms like Spotify or iTunes require a contract with a record label, while at the same time SoundCloud doesn't offer any means of monetisation. Thus we decided to build Orfium, a startup based in Malibu California US that focuses on indie artists, offering them the chance to create a revenue stream from anywhere in the world, skipping the middle-man. From simple in-app purchases up to sound-recording & composition rights, Orfium spawns a variety of channels through which an artist can benefit from, without hidden fees or paid subscriptions. We now have a range of different sub-products that an artist can utilize; One of them being www.orfium.com.To put it simply: We provide value to indie music artists, while we solve big problems for the music industry.

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